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Is your organization prepared for serious security risks?

Is your organization prepared for serious security risks?

The threat to your critical data

According to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Report, phishing was the most prevalent method used by hackers to successfully breach IT systems. The larger the enterprise, the bigger the issue since it only takes one user mistakenly clicking on something they shouldn’t have to infect their computer as well as network shares and servers they’re connected to. If the user has extended privileges, the infection will spread to everything the user has access to. If the ransomware was built as an advanced persistent treat (APT), it will spread and lie dormant waiting to detonate at a later time after it has spread as far and wide as possible to create the most damage.

This poses a serious risk because phishing is still a daily occurence. Spam continues to flood into private and public sector organizations. A startling amount of people still click on infected emails, PDF images, and documents.

Protecting your Team

Since email is the strongest vector of attack for ransomware, end-user security training can help shrink the potential for infection. An example of good cyber hygiene for email accounts is regular password changes, with passwords of certain lengths, and special characters.

Your organizations should be able to prioritize educating users on understanding the basics of phishing attacks and the consequences of clicking on links and other suspicious email content. Deploying Cloud Daddy Secure Backup (CDSB) allows you to do that with the assurance that your data is being protected.

Modern Data Protection for your Cloud Security Needs

Cloud Daddy Secure Backup (CDSB) is your partner in defending your data via a three pillar approach to protection, providing many layers of cybersecurity countermeasures you need to be confident that your data is safe.

92% of malware delivered is by email. Don’t allow cybercriminals to gain control of your business networks.

- Verizon Breach Investigations Report


of businesses reported that they had been a victim of a phishing attack in the last year


— Wombat


of users open phishing emails
(in the United States)


— Verizon Data Breach Report

at 55%

phishing and social engineering is the most common method by which attackers compromise organizations


— Trustwave Global Security Report

Focus on Educating your Users while Cloud Daddy Secure Backup Defends your Data

Cloud Daddy offers a robust feature set within one modern platform to provide you with confidence that you are being protected from phishing and hacks

Flexible Backup Schedules, Tags, and Recurrent Jobs

Set up periodic backup jobs with any desirable schedule, take snapshots at any frequency, and tag for streamlined management.

Cost aware & archive backup jobs

Cloud Daddy alleviates the question of Amazon storage costs for snapshots and AMI’s related to performing backup of AWS workloads and allows for archiving to S3/Glacier.

Web Application Firewall

Helps protect web applications from common web exploits that could affect application availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources.

Cross-Account Firewall

Filter web traffic based on underlying conditions that include IP addresses, HTTP headers and more.

Start/Stop/Reboot & Schedule Instance

Cost saving schedules for instances with start, stop and reboot capability.

Comprehensive Information

Cloud Daddy supports a robust set of alerts, notifications, and reports including daily backup job summary, push notifications about backup/restore job completion and email notifications.


CDSB Executive Brief

Recently, the threat landscape has shifted away from physical disasters to manmade cyber disasters. Although the potential for physical disaster can never be completely eliminated, IT professionals realize that their organizations are far more likely to suffer data loss as the result of a ransomware attack. Learn how to mitigate your organization’s risk of malicious attack.

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Protecting your organization from ransomware attacks


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