AWS Backup and Disaster Recovery Founded on Native AWS API

Cloud Daddy Secure Backup is extremely easy to manage, reliable and leverages Amazon technology to quickly protect and restore your data. In case of disaster, recovery speed from backup is much faster than traditional on-premises backup solutions, simplifying workloads and saving you time, resources and money. Cloud Daddy’s file-level recovery, provides the flexibility and granularity to restore exactly what you need in maximizing data protection as well as disaster recovery quality and ROI.


Flexible Backup Schedules and Recurrent Jobs

Cloud Daddy gives you the ability to back up data as often as you need. Snapshots can be scheduled with frequencies ranging from minutes to months and retained by the number of recovery points and the age of snapshots you determine. Schedules are extremely flexible, allowing you to easily set up periodic backup jobs with any desirable schedule, or run a job at a specific time.

Tag-Based Backup and Restore

With Cloud Daddy, you can use AWS tags which are simple labels that you create and add to your backup jobs, making it easier to search, manage and filter resources based on the purpose, environment or other criteria you designate and easily recognize. Cloud Daddy automatically uses the AWS tags you’ve provided with newly created backup jobs providing an effortless and streamlined experience in managing backup.


Cross-Region and Cross-Account Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery

Cloud Daddy enables you to backup, restore and replicate across multiple AWS regions and accounts providing the ultimate solution for disaster recovery. In a backup job, you can easily copy snapshots and AMIs to different regions and accounts. A restore job enables you to either recover an instance from backup to the same account/region or to another account/region, providing your virtual environment with additional protection against possible disasters. With the ability to backup, recover and replicate cross-region and cross-account within AWS anywhere in the world, your enterprise is protected far beyond the abilities of what any traditional backup solution could ever provide. Cloud Daddy Secure Backup provides your enterprise with the definitive solution in data protection and disaster recovery.

Multi-Tenant Access

Cloud Daddy is suitable for any kind of organization interested in backup and disaster recovery of its AWS infrastructure. Our tenant model serves corporate clients of any size, ranging from SMB to very large multi-tenant distributed Enterprises, Public Sector and MSPs, with support for both IAM roles and credentials for secure cross-account access. Designed for multi-tenancy, Cloud Daddy allows role-based configuration and access to your multi-account AWS infrastructure using built-in objects of tenants, roles and users.


Email Alerts and Reports

Cloud Daddy supports a comprehensive set of alerts, notifications and reports including daily backup job summary, push notifications about backup/restore job completion and email notifications. Cloud Daddy utilizes Amazon’s Simple Notification Service (SNS), providing seamless integration of native AWS services for alerts and notification delivery.

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