Single-Pane-of-Glass for AWS Infrastructure View and Control

Cloud Daddy manages all of your AWS infrastructure including AWS Instances, Volumes, RDS Databases, DynamoDB, Aurora Clusters, RedShift Clusters, and S3 buckets from a single page. You can create new backup jobs, schedule backup jobs, perform restores, view backup logs, enable replication and set retention policy for all of your AWS mission-critical infrastructure. With Cloud Daddy you can eliminate the potential for disaster by adding multiple layers of data protection and disaster recovery with cross account and cross region support of backup and replication anywhere in the world you want it to reside. You can easily backup and restore your critical infrastructure across multiple AWS regions and accounts as well as easily copy snapshots, AMIs to different AWS regions and accounts virtually eliminating downtime.

Maintenance Script Scheduling

The latest operating system and application updates, patches, as well as security updates are essential to ensuring your data protection is up to date and can be restored with little to zero rework. Cloud Daddy provides the capability to create PowerShell and Shell scripts to automate updates and patches to be made and more importantly, you can schedule scripts to run whenever you need them to in automating any task to be done via scheduled script.



Manual and Scheduled Instance Control – Start, Stop, Reboot, Terminate

With Cloud Daddy, you can control your instances directly, without having to jump into another third party tool or the AWS Management Console. Instance controls including start, stop, reboot and terminate are built-in features that simplify updates and patching as an essential part of data protection. Cloud Daddy makes it easy to manually control your instances, or automate any instance control by creating a schedule to start, stop and reboot instances whenever necessary.

Advanced AWS Instance Cost-Saving Scheduling

CDSB provides efficient scheduling for Amazon EC2 instances, saving you time and money by managing when instances are scheduled to be on and off. Your AWS costs are dramatically reduced as a result of scheduling instances to be stopped when they are not needed. Instance stop and start actions are automated through an easy-to-use and understand graphical interface.

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