21 New Ways to Connect Storage to AWS

Cloud Daddy Secure Backup Version 1.3

Cloud Daddy Secure Backup 1.3 from Princeton, N.J.-based Cloud Daddy builds on its prior cross-region and cross-account backup, restore and disaster recovery orchestration capabilities with the addition of AWS GuardDuty intelligent threat detection. A new dashboard provides alerts of malicious IP address ranges and maps of those alert locations. Other new additions include enhanced backups and restores of Aurora, Redshift and DynamoDB clusters; granular control of instance and volume restoration options; and a new module with backup statistics on the backup dashboard. In addition, jobs and schedules can be created immediately from the dashboard, with pie charts displaying detailed protected/unprotected instances. To better manage AWS backup costs, it also includes real-time cost estimates of backup jobs as they are being created together with a consolidated total cost estimate for all existing backup jobs.



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