Cloud Daddy Secure Backup version 4.1 with Calamu data protection support has been released

Cloud Daddy Inc., an AWS - cloud native, world’s most secure backup and disaster recovery platform for AWS, unveils Cloud Daddy Secure Backup (CDSB) 4.1 today with several enhancements:

  • Integration with Calamu ProtectTM

In release 4.1, backups of AWS instances and volumes can be protected with Calamu patented technology, offering the ultimate layer of protection and next-gen resilience for enterprise data.

The integration with Calamu should be properly configured by adding a Calamu connector. Please visit for addition information.

When creating a new backup job, click on the checkbox to enable Calamu Protect. Once this option is selected in a CDSB backup job, Calamu Protect will automatically encrypt, fragment and scatter AWS snapshot data across multiple separate storage locations, known as geo-fragmented storage, creating a virtual data harbor environment, which nullifies the impact of a data breach or ransomware attack.

Restoring from a Calamu protected backup job is easy. On restoration, Calamu data fragments are seamlessly and transparently reconstituted and transformed into an EBS snapshot. From this snapshot, an AMI can be registered or original EBS Volume created.

  • New S3 Operations Support

The following S3 management operations are supported in CDSB release 4.1:

  • Delete an S3 bucket deletion.
  • Upload/download items.
  • Create folder.
  • Restore items from Amazon S3 Glacier.


About Cloud Daddy

Founded by cloud and cyber security experts, Cloud Daddy  offers the world's most secure backup and disaster recovery platform for AWS. Cloud Daddy offers AWS customers of any size and location the most feature-rich solution for protecting and managing data across the spectrum of public, private, government, and hybrid cloud. Cloud Daddy has been named the 2019 Gold Winner of the Info Security Products Guide Security Excellence Award for Backup and Restoration. Cloud Daddy Secure Backup was awarded the Bronze by Cyber Security Excellence Awards in the Cloud Security category. Cloud Daddy is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, and is an Amazon Technology Partner.

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