Cloud Daddy Secure Backup Version 1.6: What’s New

With the newest version, Cloud Daddy continues to expand it’s data backup, advanced security and infrastructure management platform with a comprehensive product update. The newest enhanced version will build upon the existing dynamic solution with these new features:

Automatic Updates for Existing Customers

Update automatically within the CDSB settings. Customers can even define an update window within the platform.

Now Supporting the Middle East (Bahrain)

The Cloud Daddy platform is expanding its global reach. The Middle East (Bahrain) joins us as the next region supported by CDSB.

New Features Being Supported in GovCloud Regions with 1.6

With the new version of CDSB, GovCloud Regions gain additional support:

  • DynamoDB backups
  • Cost estimates for backup jobs
  • Guard Duty - supported only in GovCloud West region

Restful API and Documentation

Restful API is now thoroughly documented and can be used to integrate CDSB into customers' business solutions.

Immediate and Delayed Run for Maintenance Jobs

Users can run maintenance jobs immediately or simply set a delayed run for specific time and date. Thus, enabling more ways customers can fully modify and personalize their own CDSB platform.

Get Reports Run for Multiple Tenants

In Version 1.6 reports can be run for multiple tenants, which is a very useful feature for Managed Service Providers.

BYOL Licensing Enhancements

Enables purchasing directly from the Cloud Daddy website.

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