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Is your organization’s security infrastructure flexible and future-proof?

Is your organization’s security infrastructure flexible and future-proof?

The movement to unite IT

For many years the model of disaster recovery was to have separate IT departments and siloed IT functions. As a result, most data protection solutions were not unified either. This approach does not work well in the cloud and it cannot adequately address the near-daily threat of cyberattacks. This becomes abundantly clear when vetting a recovery plan that includes the cloud in addition to an on-premise data center or, even worse when a business is still dealing with a cyber attack that has already crippled IT systems.

Performing backups and hoping they work when faced with a disaster is not enough. Organizations need a new paradigm to unify the historically stand-alone IT groups that allows them to be more agile in their response to disasters. This means not only periodically testing backup and recovery, but also finding a way to address overall data protection needs.

Increase resiliency and business continuity with holistic protection

Just migrating your infrastructure to AWS will not guarantee secure backup and disaster recovery. To address data protection adequately in today’s landscape, a holistic, AWS-native data application can simplify periodic testing of backup and recoverability. It can also facilitate the recovery of business-critical data in moments instead of days by leveraging AWS elastic capabilities to quickly back up, replicate and recover data in multiple geographical regions and accounts worldwide.

The move to a unified AWS-native solution reflects today’s changing IT landscape, combining what had previously been isolated functions. Cloud Daddy Secure Backup (CDSB) helps organizations close any gaps in IT departments by bringing backup, infrastructure management and security together into a single comprehensive solution. As a result, overall disaster recoverability can be greatly improved.

Modern Data Protection for your Cloud Security Needs

Cloud Daddy Secure Backup (CDSB) is your partner in defending your data via a three pillar approach to protection, providing many layers of cybersecurity countermeasures you need to be confident that your data is safe.

U.S. CEOs place cybersecurity as their No. 1 business worry, ahead of new competitors and a recession.

- The Conference Board: C-Suite Challenge 2019


of IT professionals who said their company does not have a formal plan for cybersecurity incidents 



6 months

In most cases, it takes companies
about 6 months to detect a data breach


— ZD Net


of the risk companies face come by way
of having multiple security vendors


— Cisco

Discover what is missing from your cloud security

Cloud Daddy offers a robust feature set within one modern platform to provide you with confidence in your data protection strategy

Flexible Backup Schedules, Tags, and Recurrent Jobs

Set up periodic backup jobs with any desirable schedule, take snapshots at any frequency, and tag for streamlined management.

Cost aware & archive backup jobs

Cloud Daddy alleviates the question of Amazon storage costs for snapshots and AMI’s related to performing backup of AWS workloads and allows for archiving to S3/Glacier.

Web Application Firewall

Helps protect web applications from common web exploits that could affect application availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources.

Cross-Account Firewall

Filter web traffic based on underlying conditions that include IP addresses, HTTP headers and more.

Start/Stop/Reboot & Schedule Instance

Cost saving schedules for instances with start, stop and reboot capability.

Comprehensive Information

Cloud Daddy supports a robust set of alerts, notifications, and reports including daily backup job summary, push notifications about backup/restore job completion and email notifications.


CDSB Executive Brief

Recently, the threat landscape has shifted away from physical disasters to manmade cyber disasters. Although the potential for physical disaster can never be completely eliminated, IT professionals realize that their organizations are far more likely to suffer data loss as the result of a ransomware attack. Learn how to mitigate your organization’s risk of malicious attack.

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