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With Cloud Daddy, you get stress-free, cloud-native, secure backup and disaster recovery for AWS. Cloud Daddy Secure Backup was designed with enterprise mission-critical tasks and requirements in mind. Three challenges all enterprises face regardless of size include data protection, infrastructure management and cybersecurity. Cloud Daddy is engineered to address all three. You can move your enterprise data center infrastructure to AWS with confidence that you’ll be able to backup, protect, manage, secure and recover your data whenever and from wherever necessary.

Powerful Data Protection

Deploy in less than 15

Near zero RTO

Reduce non production
costs by up to 70%

Zero maintenance

Zero daily management
time required

100% AWS Infrastructure
management control

Comprehensive, Award-Winning Backup & Disaster Recovery Cloud Daddy takes the lead on defending your mission critical services and data, so you don't have to spend excessive time and money on management and data centers. It is built on Amazon APIs, so access is secure, seamless and easy-to-use.

Safe & Secure Easily test backups while restoring data to different geographic regions and availability zones to recover faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Agile & Elastic The Cloud Daddy platform provides superior performance and flexibility with cost-aware backup, scheduling instances features, and more.

Intuitive With a modern interface built on Amazon APIs, Cloud Daddy is easy-to-use, instantly saving your organization time and money on data management.

Scalable Cloud Daddy is trusted by businesses of all sizes, with with one to hundreds of instances or more, for their data protection needs.

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