Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Gain Maximum Data Protection for AWS with Multi-Layer Backup and Disaster Recovery

AWS Backup and Disaster Recovery Founded on Native AWS API

Easy, Secure, Reliable

Leverages Amazon technology to quickly protect and restore your data.

Super Fast Recovery

In the event of disaster, CDSB backup recovery speed is much faster than traditional on-premises backup solutions, simplifying workloads and saving you time, resources and money.

File-Level Restore

Provides maximum data protection with the flexibility and granularity to restore exactly what you need, when you need it.

Disaster Recovery Orchestration Made Easy

Modern Dashboard

Provides the ability to clearly see and understand exactly where your backups and replications are stored within AWS regions, anywhere in the world.

Workload Flexibility & Organization

Filter and drill-down to locate a specific target to restore or recover a workload to the same account/region, or to a different account/region within AWS, providing extra layers of protection.

Flexible Backup Schedules, Tags, and Recurrent Jobs

Adaptable Scheduling

Easily set up periodic backup jobs with any desirable schedule or run a job at a specific time to back up data as often as you need.

Smart Snapshots

Schedule at any frequency, ranging from minutes to months with retention by the number of recovery points and the timeframes you determine.

Search, Manage, Filter in Seconds

Manage backups and resources automatically using AWS tags you've provided for an effortless and streamlined experience.

Cross-Region and Cross-Account Backup, Restore, and Disaster Recovery

Backup, Restore and Replicate Anywhere

Across multiple AWS regions and accounts providing the ultimate solution for disaster recovery.

Copy snapshots & AMIs with ease

To different regions and accounts for backup.

Superior Protection with Restore Jobs

Enables you to either recover an instance from backup to the same account/region or to another account/region, providing your virtual environment with additional safeguards against possible disasters.

Cost Aware Backup Jobs

Real-Time Cost Estimation

Cloud Daddy alleviates the question of Amazon storage costs for snapshots and AMIs related to performing backup of AWS workloads.

Backup Job Wizard

The cost approximation is displayed within the during backup job creation and provides the total cost estimate for all existing backup jobs.

Self-Backup and Disaster Discovery

Immediate Backup

As soon as CDSB is installed, its database is immediately backed up and periodically backed up thereafter to a special S3 bucket.

Disaster Proof

A new instance can be created and used in conjunction with the existing CDSB database, preserving configuration, jobs and adding an additional layer of protection for recovery from a cyberattack targeting enterprise backup solutions.

Manageable Footprint

The size of the CDSB database stored in S3 is minimal, so charges incurred are nominal.

Archive Backups to Amazon S3 Glacier

Gain Compliant Backup Capability

When business legal hold or regulatory requirements deem that data backups must be kept for extended periods of time, often years, you can archive backups to Amazon S3 Glacier.

Reduce Storage Costs

By archiving backups to Amazon S3 Glacier.

Incremental Backup Mechanism

Cloud Daddy Secure Backup uses its own proprietary mechanism, which minimizes the space consumed by backups stored in S3 when long term retention is required.

Cloud Daddy Secure Backup (CDSB) is built on a 3 pillar foundation of data backup and protection - All within one dynamic platform

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

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